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Keller Williams offers a lot of training for it's employees. The office in Chesterfield has a lot of great agents that are willing to assist newer agents.
If you're a new agent, or just looking for a company to grow with, this is the place for you. They have a TON of resources and classes to get you started, and are dedicated to lead you to success. Everyone has been extremely friendly, and they are always offering a lending hand.
Being a Real Estate agent with Keller Williams is an honor. Their benefits and business model help increases your success and build an excellent future, personally and professionally. The KW team always supports you with answers to questions and resolutions to challenging situations.
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KW offers so many training opportunities and empowers their agents with the best tools and technology so they can be successful. The atmosphere is fun, competitive (in a good way), and collaborative.
It has been great! Their training programs are amazing and super helpful. I have learned a lot from my time as a brokers affiliate here! I would encourage all new real estate agents to start here.
i really enjoy the classes that we are provided and the ability to continually grow. it is hard though to have most of your pay check taken away just from fees. it makes it almost impossible to live if you don't consistently have listings line up
Amazing training is probably the first thing that comes to mind. I love Keller Williams because everyone here wants to win and they want to see other people win as well. People go out there way to help you build your brand and help you stay accountable on managing your business.
Keller Williams more than a real estate firm. They encourage employee growth beyond the real estate transaction. KW encourages their agents to take control of their real estate business and provides them the tools to do so. The culture within the company is second to none. KW agents are encouraged to give back to the communities they serve and to each other.
Aside for culture they are also the top of the industry in technology. The systems and tools they provide their agents, allows their agents to serve their community and clients like none other in the industry.
They have a great set of values. The training is great to get you started, but I wish there was a more mentor approach although agents help one another there.
There is no better place to work! The culture is amazing. The folks here are always willing to help. Our education and training program are the best in the business.
Absolutely love working here! Everyone is like family. I previously tried two other companies (one which I was there for a long time, for the location, not so much the company). I would highly recommend KW for aspiring agents or someone looking for a change.
I love how everyone that works for KW is so friendly & willing to go above & beyond to help the co-workers out. It is an amazing place. Come join us.
The work place is so fun and everyone is so helpful. There's no such thing as a dumb question. Everyone is goal-oriented and the company truly cares about your goals and provides anything that they can to help you achieve that goal! Definitely one of the best places to work!
My experience was brief but what I noticed was that there was an easy setup process, mentoring available, classes for the independent contractor/entrepreneur to thrive and gain valuable tools to succeed, and a comfortable work environment.
I work for the Keller Williams and in New Jersey and I love it. Ive been a licensed agent since February and its a great income. There is a lot of culture in this company.
Keller Williams is a great agency to work with when you first get started in the real estate business. They have excellent training programs and a mentor program so you have someone that you have direct contact with when you first start in the field. I would highly recommend that new agents consider Keller Williams when they want to get started in the real estate field!
Keller Williams is a great place for new agents. They have several classes every week that are dedicated to educating the agents and empowering us with the necessary tools to be successful in real estate. In addition to the great training, the office in general has a very welcoming, exciting, energizing atmosphere! The people are very friendly and it is a family environment kind of workplace.
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Eceptionally freindly people, very welcoming and loving. The only thing I would have changed is to maybe have a set orientation time with someone to get me set with what I was doing before working from home. I was a little lost.
KWA covers the Dayton OH area. They have many agents for your choosing. They have decent compensation, increases after you make your yearly quota. Has great training for new agents to the industry. They are trying to become more technologically advanced.
Everyone is willing to help each other and you feel like they are working with you and not against you. All the administrative staff care for you and want you to succeed, and you can definitely feel it. Lunch and learns provides an opportunity for you to network, learn about vendor services, and get free lunch! Classes are offered everyday to help you understand some things that were not taught during your real estate licensure. Productivity coaches are there to help you build your business plan and execute it.
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