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975 Sereno Dr
Vallejo, CA 94589
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Kaiser Permanente - Vallejo Reviews

3 reviews
I like the pay because it is competitive and you can advance in the company. I like the free benefits the company offers and we don't have to pay for it only a copay. I like the Union Environment because it makes me feel safe and secure and the workouts at lunch are free and by the real professional gym instructors. At work we collaborate and engage with each other to better serve our patients and use small test of change to see what works and what doesn't. Our team is self-managed and the manager is basically free to do more important things vs babysitting a bunch of children.
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I love working for Kaiser Permanente! The benefits are amazing! Also we get vacation days and sick days, holiday pay. Best career move I ever made!!!
I love my coworkers. They are smart and hard workers. Management isn’t the best but it’s something we can work with. Benefits are really good. The pay is really good. There is opportunity to grow in the field as well as opportunity to go to school.