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6600 Bruceville Road
Sacramento, CA 95823
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My experience with them has been pleasant because they are always thriving for excellence overall with patient care. There is room for growth in each department within the company, they operate as a team and not structured by one management. While working with the Union to strive for greatness with employees you fee the security you need to gain more knowledge or assistance while employment and also furthering education. Being involved In the medical field it I important to fell the structure of a company and Kaiser has many different levels of job programs and room for growth in your experience. They are there own company within so you can move around from job to job if you d not like the department you are current working for. Having a grace period of 2 weeks to see if that new job is suitable for you or not is one of the things I love about working for Kaiser. you never feel locked down by the wrong place that does not sustain growth for you overall.
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Kaiser is a wonderful company to work for and the benefits are top notch. Salaries are competitive with the market and everyone receives a bonus and raise each year. Kaiser strives to have a healthy workforce and offers several no cost programs for employees. There are many opportunities for advancement and they reimburse schooling as long as you achieve a C or better.
Working for Kaiser is a great overall experience great for their benefits and pay. Love the work experience, and the job I do. I see this as a long term investment to help better myself and my career. Kaiser has helped pull me out of my shy shell and helped be able to talk and communicate better with patients and staff. And also helped in life outside of work, I've been able to open up to people more about my life and my experiences to help someone else learn from my journey.