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4647 Zion Ave
San Diego, CA 92120
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The best part of working at Kaiser is the family atmosphere among my peers. There is also a strong process for protecting staff from peer-to-peer bullying and/or sexual harassment. However, the management culture has declined in the past 12 years from supportive to toxic. Managers boast about their five-figure bonuses while cutting hours and pressuring staff not to communicate/engage in union matters. Several managers are comfortable telling staff that we are just numbers to them, should be grateful to have a job, should be paid half as much, and should not dare to question a manager. Patient safety is low on company priorities, and staff are reprimanded for raising safety concerns. The remaining strength of the union is largely why benefits and pay are still at or above the cost of living. Management is loud about trying to cut pay/benefits/retirement funds, while enjoying record profits and expansion into experimental real estate ventures. Promotions from within are rare.
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This is the best place to work, benefits, more money, and more options to enhance your future and career! They have tuition reimbursement and so many ways to take classes! They are very supportive in everything I do. I am going back to school to better myself, and my director has done nothing but make sure I am headed in the correct direction to make all my dreams come true!

The health benefits are another HUGE reason as to why Kaiser Permanente is a wonderful place to work. Low co-pays and all the services you could ever need under one roof (essentially).
I love the amazing benefits, life balance and opportunities to grow. You are sorrounded by people who are motivated, ambitious and gives you goals to accomplish. I am currently finishing my degree in criminal justice and they are helping me with that, it makes a big difference when you receive help when you want to accomplish your career goals.