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9961 Sierra Ave
Fontana, CA 92335
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I would recommend this employer to anyone who is willing to work under any circumstance. Unfortunately the constant change in work schedules and the extremely busy call taking is very overwhelming. The metrics for an appointment clerk to meet every week and month are exhausting and do way in on a persons well being physical and mental. The job provides an excellent benefit package and excellent compensation. Although this job is not for everyone and I can not strain more on the not.
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Amazing place to work! We care about our patients and each other! To Thrive is encouraged! Benefits are great. Everything you need to take care of yourself is all located in one place. Compassionate atmosphere, caring staff, overall best job decision I ever made.
The hospital sees a great amount of patient volume. With that said, it seems as though management does not prepare enough to accommodate this issue. In the surgical area, many patients are often held in the PACU area due to insufficient beds on the floor to accept them. Often times, it is merely a staffing issue as there are not enough nurses to care for the patients. When this occurs, patients are not afforded the adequate healing period. Additionally, many patient complaints involve the wait time in the emergency department.