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1500 S Main St
Fort Worth, TX 76104
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I have been working for JPS Health Network for 22 years, right out of high school. I enjoy working for JPS because it is a diverse environment and good benefits. JPS also care about their employees. JPS provides many recognizing awards for hard-working employees to carnivals, and health programs for the community. JPS was named one of the best places to work in the state. I would not change anything about JPS. JPS have change and properous throught the years since i started and has been a better place since then
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I absolutely love working here! The environment is amazing and my team is great. I wouldn't change anything at all, except maybe get a van for our program.
I liked the fact that you have good coworkers, but the management needs to change. They will help you with school but you have to be there 6 months and really do things on your own. They need to have better enthusiasm about educating and giving their people opportunities to better themselves.