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4940 Eastern Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21224
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I have been working at Bayview for 4 years this June of 2018. I am a Inpatient Pharmacy Technician and in college. I have gained a lot of experience at Bayview due to Hopkins being a community for education and advancement. 4 years ago I met many people who have influenced my decision to pursue nursing and it’s prerequisites, I am about to apply to universities now for my degree. I have much to thank for support from colleagues and staff at Bayview in a variety of areas throughout the hospital. Bayview offers many community contributions to charities and local centers for involvement in growth and support for Baltimore. I definitely look forward to being a nurse at Bayview one day.
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Working on Bayview has been an overall enjoyable experience for me. Within a 2 years I was promoted to a leadership position and I feel like my hard work is always acknowledged among my team. That being said, I work in the research division, so the same may not apply everywhere else.
It’s always the same here, no room for growth or job development. Some people are nice and understanding while some not so much. This rating is about the parking and NOT the hospital as I’ve applied but cannot seem to get hired within the actual hospital even though I have experience.