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200 Abraham Flexner Way
Louisville, KY 40202
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I enjoy working for Jewish Hospital although it is very different than most of the hospital facilities in this area of Louisville, Kentucky. The patients we get are some of the sickest patients in the state because we specialize in heart and lung care. due to our location downtown we also take care of a lot of the homeless population. We see quite a bit of individuals who are battling with drug and alcohol abuse. Sometimes, because of the types of patients we tend to see here, the staff can become bitter quickly. I'd like to see more staff support from upper management to encourage healthy coping mechanisms in caring for difficult patients. We have a chance to see some really interesting cases and help people through difficult times and that is a blessing if you chose to see it that way.
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Jewish Hospital had many excellent nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals!!! That is the best part about working there daily. I have had my fair share of rude, angry doctors or disgruntled patients, but that wouldn't even compare to the number of smiling faces you see each day, especially on 5 Towers! The people there-doctors, nurses, pcas & patients- treat each other like family!! It is one of the most rewarding places I've ever worked & I couldn't say enough about how wonderful the people are there!
With all good things, there's always some bad. So, in my experience at Jewish Hospital, both as an employee and patient, the one thing that always seems to limit the care provided is the equipment or lack of equipment available. It's a constant battle to have extra cots for family to use, to have enough blood pressure cuffs and just basic equipment in order to be able to do your job as seemleesly as possible.
I have worked for the company on and off for the past 7 years, I love all the people I have worked with and enjoyed working in several different units of the downtown hospital and at Southwest ER. You have opportunities to advance in your position and usually very understanding managers. I do wish sometimes they would communicate with us more what is going on in the organization and that can sometimes be a negative.