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I have worked at Jewel Osco for about a year and a half. This job pays well for the work you do. I work about 12 hours each week and I usually man the registers while I work. The managers are super nice and very supportive in and out of the workplace. All of the employees treat each other and customers with a high amount of respect.
I have worked in the produce department for over a year, the employees are friendly and helpful. The manager has been extremely flexible with my school schedule. I enjoy my coworkers.
I would like more hours, but overall I have had a great experience. I really enjoy the people at work and I also enjoy that the hours do not seem long. I like the fact that Jewel-Osco employees are in a union and I also appreciate the fact that the job site is close to home. Coming back to Jewel was a great experience for me because I am able to earn some money to help pay for school. I really enjoy the fact that I interact with a variety of customers throughout the day. I like being paid every week as well. Jewel-Osco provides me with the opportunity to gather work experience along the way of furthering my career.
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I like my whole store, staff and atmosphere. Every one seems friendly and I enjoy coming to work. I also shop at work and can find anything. I wouldn’t change anything.
While I do like the fulfillment I get from working in the retail pharmacy business from the standpoint of providing patients/customers with medications and assistance, I feel as though the company is failing in a few regards. The biggest gripe I have as a pharmacy tech would hands down have to be the compensation. While pharmacists are presumably paid handsomely (rightfully so) the technicians (unless you're full-time) are given the short end of the stick. I just feel that we should be paid a higher hourly rate. Secondly, I feel as though the hours per week given to the work required for us to complete various tasks is impossible. More hours to complete work and an increase in pay.
I liked it because I experienced things I never experienced before, I met good people that now are my friends.
This is great place to work while I attend school. Hours are flexible, it's close to home, and they require a simple uniform. I like that I can participate in a 401K plan for my future.
Great company to not only work at but also a great store to work at. I started as just a part time tech while in high school and not working in the pharmacy with the staff and management I have has encouraged me to continue my career and education to become a pharmacist and work for jewel.
It's a job that helps pay for my commute, college, phone bills, and food for when I go to school in the city. I'm a normal cashier, there really isn't anything unique about the store I work at. I like it because of the flexible hours and the fact that since I'm attempting a theater major I can easily get someone to trade hours with me that would conflict with my auditions. I would prefer to find a job that pays more to be honest.
My local Jewel osco is one of the best retail stores in terms of customer experience in my neighborhood.
The store itself is neat and clean. Quite confusing for shoppers after the remodeling and moving aisles around. Management is not the greatest at one store particularly. Overall, the staff is always helpful and friendly. Always willing to help and some in management are willing to help with things such as scheduling. The only real issue is that the stores are quite often understaffed. Whether it be, not enough baggers or cashiers. Either way it can slow down the process of people getting in and out of the store quickly and efficiently.
It is a fun place to work while in school. Can be easy if you know what you are doing and are good with people and talking to them. Overall, it is a good place to work when your young.
This job requires me to work very strange hours and basically stay as open as possible, I can be there at 5am or I can stay until 10pm, there is no telling the needs because schedule is not fixed. I am basically running a department by myself while helping others on top of my own work. I stay busy and work the entire shift but I often leave exhausted and really have little free time because I work nearly full time as well as attend college part time.
I did not in particular have any bad experiences. I worked will going to community college and the pay was fair.
What I like about working at Jewel-Osco is the employees are always willing to help each other and continue to learn the best way to get tasks done. Everyone seems to be able to converse and still get their tasks done in a timely manner, which helps to make the employees all feel like a family.
The managers are hard to talk to and sometimes not very helpful. Schedules get messed up and job is disorganized sometimes. In the front end there sometimes isn’t enough cashiers or baggers which gets frustrating especially when it’s busy.
working at the Mundelein Jewel-Osco has been a long experience but patience is a key thing to have. You know you see a lot of employees come and go but it's nice to see when there recognizable faces still there.
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I work at Jewel-Osco in the deli and I love it. My family and I both shop there as well and love the selection. The workers at jewel are very caring and outgoing.
I love where I work, I love the people and I love my bosses. They have helped me grow as a person and they have helped me realize that I really do love helping people. I have only been working there for 5 months and I am already closing the store from time to time. I cannot believe that my bosses saw that potential in me so soon and let me take advantage of it as soon as I could. I would not change anything at this place because everything is great about it.
The people there, both customers and employees, are good. I enjoy my time working with friends and helping the regular customers. Some of the conditions and supplies can be improved though.
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