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It's a great job for a high schooler with lots of flexibility in your availability. Have some trouble with people shortages but overall good experience. Often get really busy though.
The people there are like family. They care for you and always encourage you to do your best. At Jamba I was taught to learn from mistakes and grow from them rather than be defeated. My bosses were patient and caring and our customers were happy and always walked away with a smile!
The job is easy and not too demanding. Which is perfect for a college student. Yes you are on your feet for most of your shift. But you have a team of people working with you so you don’t become overwhelmed with the work load
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Great place for a starter job. Learn a lot of responsibility regarding having a job, needing to put others before yourself, and working with others. Leadership can vary store to store which makes it a bit tricky, but if you find a store with a solid team and leadership behind you, it can be a fun work experience!
It was an overall pleasant workplace. Pay wasn't great, especially for what they asked of us. We had too many responsibilities to be getting paid so little. Management was nice to us and tried to accommodate our needs as best as possible. There was no workers compensation or any other benefits. There was an employee discount and you would get one free smoothie during your shift.
Jamba Juice was one of the most relaxed, but the most fast-paced job I have ever had. The people around me were fun and you get to know the customers the longer you're here. Great starter job for anyone.
I like that it is fast pace because you're never bored. I wish they have a set time when one leaves because sometimes we leave ealry or later than we were scheduled to work.
Jamba Juice contains and amazing work enviroment with room to grow. They're usually flexible about hours and ther prioritize their workers education above all else.
I worked there for 3 years and It was honestly one of the best places to work. Such flexible scheduling and easy going job. another plus is that you can move up and become a manager at a younger age.
This is a perfect first job. It pays really well for just beginning and you can give or take as many hours as you'd like. The atmosphere is very welcoming and everyone is really nice.
I work in the Wisconsin Jamba Juice franchises. The company is rooted in creating a simple, healthy living, and has genuinely fresh and authentic products that honestly ruined smoothies from other companies for me. There is a lot of opportunity for promotion in the workplace. However, in WI, their compensation is below average compared to other restaurants, and they are not legally required to offer benefits under Wisconsin State Law until they had fifty full-time employees. Therefore, they do not offer any benefits.
Working at Jamba Juice has taught me good work ethics. I have learned to work quickly, and efficiently. I have also had the opportunity to work on communicating skills in customer service, and being able to give to the public. From the outside, working at Jamba Juice as a Team Member, might seem very simple, however it not only takes practice and skill, but our team carries a drive, and heart that mosts stores do not. If anything I have learned to put my heart out in everything I do for Jamba. I appreciate talking to each guest and providing them with the best service possible. I have learned from experience that the energy in the store will definitely reflect in our products. Seeing a guest leave with a smile on their face makes my day, and it is something I enjoy doing for my local community.
I loved the daily customer interaction, building teams, meeting and exceeding goals, however when our franchise was sold to another franchise no respect or seniority was given to employees who had worked for the brand itself for many years. We were only seen as "new" employees for the incoming franchise.
I really enjoyed working here! It’s a fun, fast paced environment where I got to meet new people with similar interests. The work is fun and makes time go by fast.
Overall, Jamba Juice is a great place to go for fast and tasty drinks or food/bowls. the smoothies are great, especially the mango a go go. the customer service is outstanding. the employee's encourage me to try new drinks whenever I come by. i'm a regular and I work at a jamba juice.
I love working at Jamba Juice the managers and corporate are very polite and caring. It is a blast working for this company Jamba Juice is very fun and challenging at times. Everyone there becomes a big family, even the customers. The fast paced environment always kept me busy, even at slow peaks. They teach you a lot about working with others and how customer satisfaction is always number one priority!
I worked at the Jamba Juice on The Drag in Austin, Texas. We were always busy and it was a great college experience for me!
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I liked the work environment, the management and the constant high energy situations that kept me on my toes.
I loved the vibe Jamba Juice gave to its employees and customers! Was really fun working in such a upbeat environment! Family and community friendly place to come for a smoothie pick me up! I would like to see the priced drop a little, because they seem a bit overpriced for just a smoothie...
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