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Jackson-Madison County General Hospital Reviews

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I like how I have met people in the work place that have become my best friends and helped me with getting prepared to go to college but just been there for all my personal problems
best place to work at if you want to start your life in the medical field. They have many wonderful programs that can lead to better and healthier you.
LOVE the floor I work for. My bosses and coworkers are wonderful to work with. Very lenient with scheduling and want to see you move up. I have no complaints.
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Absolutely love working there. My coworkers are always willing to help if I need it. I also enjoy having the opportunity to help our patients whenever I can. It's really a great place to start a career in the Healthcare industry. Would recommend applying to anyone regardless of the position you are seeking.
Very caring and worth the wait. Caring nurses and doctors. Radiologist that explains procedures and hopefully positive outcomes. From admitting to discharge all questions answered with a smile and glad to help attitudes. Staff with open hearts and kindness shining out with everything they do.
I work at the oncology clinic affiliated with JMCGH and it is the best work experience I have ever had. We put our patients first and provide top level care to those that come through our door.
I really love my fellow co workers. Most of them are really nice and help me with anything I need. The nurses that help me, inspired me to become a nurse myself. They have shown me so much compassion for patients. I found my calling for helping people. On the flip side, the management here isn’t great. All they do is tell us what we do bad. I understand we have to know what we have done to fix our problems, but I also want a complement every once in awhile. I don’t think we get enough praise for what we do here. I think as a Phlebotomist we are the most hated in the hospital and we deal with more anger than anyone. I love what I do but I just want to be told I’m doing a good job.
Jackson General Hospital is full of kind caring people. They go out of their way to make you feel welcome as a new employee. The organization cares for their employees.
The hospital is steadily growing. The hours are 12 hour shifts which is great because you only have to work 3 days one week and 4 days the next week. The staff are nice and helpful. The managers care about you and often reward the employees.
I have been an employee at this facility for thirteen plus years, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I started out working on the pulmonary progressive unit, and after multiple years, I transferred to admissions. I really enjoy working with the patients and their family members. I am all about helping others, and ensuring that they have what they need. The employees are treated good, but I would like for them to get recognized more for the hard work that is done.
I really enjoyed my job. I only left because of conflicts in school scheduling and work scheduling. My manager was a leader, not a boss. My director was the best.
JMCGH has a lot of improvement opportunities. The culture is very negative, and the employees are resistant to change.
Excellent place to work for with excellent staff. Working in the hospital environment gives me amazing learning opportunities, and I get to set my schedule. It offer me paid time off for vacation and sick days.
I've worked for JMCGH for almost 6 yrs. This has been the most rewarding job I've had in my life. Great staff, amazing benefits & tons of opportunity for growth. Wonderful place to work. We save lives.
I would give this a negative 5 star if that was possible. The only reason why I'm given this hospital a one star is that of my experience working at a department there. Toxic people everywhere. The managers. The workers. Just everybody. Nothing but toxic people. I hated everyone there. I can not say one good thing about that job. I'm pretty sure there are some good things about this hospital. Just don't work there. If you're not a doctor or a nurse you are basically treated like trash. So you can take your loved ones there for surgery or whatever just don't work there unless you are gonna get hired as a nurse or a doctor. I would suggest working for other places that are under the West Tennessee Healthcare. DO NOT work at the main hospital. Do. Not. I'm warning you now.
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