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Jackson Hospital & Clinic Inc Reviews

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I love everything about Jackson Hospital the benefits, how fast you can move up in different positions, student loan forgiveness program, and tuition reimbursement programs.
Management needs to be more open to other employees without going back to tell the other person what was said
The Employees are amazing to work with, but sometimes services for the floors like nutrition and supplies take a while to get the orders filled. But overall a very nice place to work.
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I like the environment. Everyone work togethers. If you are having a hard time someone will immediately notice it and ask to help. Great team work atmosphere!
i am happy i moved here from the other hospital in montgomery. hours are very flexible and work well with being a student and a single mother. the managment is nice and considerate.
Working at Jackson Hospital has been a wonderful experience. The staff is very welcoming and helps motivate others to be more helpful in the community. the doctors are nice and friendly. The staff helps if you have any question pertaining to your job. The older employees help the new employees as much as they can so that everything is in a timely fashion. Working at Jackson Hospital has open up so many opportunities for me and I have plan to use them wisely.
Like any other job, it has its pros and cons, but overall I would say it is a good job. Easy people to work for and very helpful.
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