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About Jackson Hole Mountain Resort...
3395 Cody Ln
Teton Village, WY 83025

About Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

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Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Reviews

3 reviews
I enjoy the pass - the mountain has some fantastic extreme terrain. It's great to be outdoors and observe the wildlife.

Human Resources has been fairly blase and unsupportive since day one, in my experience. Employees are treated as statistics - warm bodies. You really have to dig for salient local knowledge as a new seasonal without any bearing on the area.

My immediate managers are great. However, it seems like there is a lot of discontent in the seasonal employee population. Upper management could make life a lot easier for employees through some lateral planning.

I feel undervalued as an employee and am thoroughly disillusioned with my experience as a seasonal employee here. I'd recommend visiting for the scenery but think the town is no great shakes either.
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Great place to have fun and live outdoors! JHMR gives you a ski pass so you can ski on your days off and still have a good time with the great community vibe on your days on. Jackson is a great place to see awesome wildlife and beautiful mountains and JHMR is a wonderful job to have while living in a great town.
I love working here. I got a ski break almost everyday. Everyone is really nice and chill. The president of the resort is very motivated to making JHMR a great place to work.