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2831 19th Street South
Homewood, AL 35209
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I was Jack's Family Restaurants first ever financial/accounting intern. It was a wonderful experience which helped me gain knowledge about the workplace. I grew from the tasks I performed and was able to help this company advance and succeed. I enjoyed my time here because it was enjoyable, low stress, but also gave me an opportunity to grow.
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i love my job at Jack's! i work with a few amazing selfless people. my general manager is amazing. my hours of work are set around my schedule to accomodate myself and my 2 year old son. i am considered a full time employee and with my hours set the way the are i have plenty of time to return to school to earn a degree not only for my but my son as well.
They are a great company to work, I have been there for over a year now. They have great standards for their employees and ensure that highest quality of excellence able to be produced.