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Integris Baptist Medical Center Reviews

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Coworkers are awesome, work is rewarding and challenging. Management is more money motivated than safety or employee concerned.
Great patient care. Wonderful atmosphere. Clean rooms. Quick service. Understanding staff.

I have loved worked for this company since I started in 2015. We get a raise every year, have the opportunity to bonus if we hit our metrics, we get reimbursed for completing a care coordination program/annual wellness visit every year. They have an employee assistance program that covers a multitude of things that is free of charge. Management is nice. The benefits could be better, but they are not terrible. You do have to use their pharmacies and their doctors for your insurance, but the option to buy up on your plan and go outside the network is there. Trivial as this may sound my favorite part is that they have starbucks coffee and sales at the gift shop that you can use your badge to get and they just pull it out of your paycheck. All in all, my experience with them has been great, and I don't see myself leaving in the foreseeable future.
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Overall, Integris is top notch with medicine, but it could use a facility remodel. The organization itself keeps building more organizations and increasing the surface areas of community coverage, but it continually delays making major upgrades and improvements to our hospital, which is the first hospital and the base of all the others.
Solid, reliable company to work for. They encourage employee growth and have excellent education benefits. It is a large corporate hospital and may have lost some of the 'heart' that it used to have, but I would say this is true of most large hospitals now.
very smart coworkers for the most part, good teamwork in my unit. direct management is very caring and willing to go to bat for team, upper management is not so great.
I love my job as an AUA at Baptist, but having an AUA license compared to an RN license makes a huge difference. I love my patient care and meeting new people and caring for others. Baptist has taught me new skills but also allowed me to be outgoing and understanding of others and not only that has pushed me to become a better RN once I get the opportunity to.
its an alright place to work. worked here three years now, staff is awesome if they like you and youre on their good side. If not, good luck because most new emplyees quite. I love night shift, theyre pretty freindly for the most part. overall i love it but thats because ive worked there a while
Good patient care. Nursing services needs to be valued by senior management. No real succession planning.
This job gives you great experience but once you get the hat experience you should look somewhere else
I love working for Integris! Tuition reimbursement is the best thing ever, it's definitely a push to keep going and finish school . Staff here is great, very little conflict occurs.
Integris exemplifies the values of Love, Learn, and Lead. Very positive place to work and Integris encourages and supports each employee to grow and learn. I work with an excellent interdisciplinary team and we all help each other when needed.
I have worked here for over 4 years. I love the atmosphere and the people that I work with! There are so many benefits that employees can take advantage of and there are many opportunities to advance within the company. All of the employee benefits are great and the culture is outstanding. The members of management really take an interest in you and will do everything they can to help you advance in the company. The clinical education department offers many great opportunities to help you pay for furthering your health career. They have competitive pay and they also have great benefits!
Awesome place to work. Excellent room for growth. Only problem is management lacking ability to relate to bedside nursing and make changes according to what’s happening bedside.
I love working here! It is a great work environment, with amazing employees and patients. I love helping and taking care of patients, and even on some of their worse days i look forward to try and bring a smile to their faces.
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