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Instacart is truly reliable and a flexible job. I had very little amount of time to earn money to purchase gifts this past holiday, but Instacart truly help me achieve my goal.
Reaching customer service is impossible when the app is having issues. After shopping the entire order the app decides to have diagnostic issues and I was unable to check out. Waiting for over 30 mins and still no results. This is absolutely ridiculous. Smh! Instacart has major app issues . When it works it’s fine , but when it doesn’t you’ve wasted your time and NO MONEY! Forbidden error code is all you get . You guys need another form of customer service communication because this app sucks . You need a live rep available .
It was good until the costumer start giving you bad reviews with no reason and you will only get the worst batches after that. After all the well done work. And plus when they add something while you are shopping you don’t get paid for that. I got orders that the client add more than 15 items after I start the batch. Probably the instacart gets paid for but not the shoppers.
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I love working for Instacart because I can set my own schedule and hold myself accountable. They provide great promotions and many opportunities to make great tips.
It was good for the first 3 orders. The fourth one was an online order. I shopped and delivered to two customers but never got paid. I tried to chat with the agent and they insisted that they couldn't see the order. My tip.. be careful with any order that says you don't have to use the instacard.
Bad tippers. Good for students to take the few offers that show good tips. Low tippers should never get there groceries.
Great company to work for, especially for those needing a flexible schedule with decent pay (college students, parents). Management lacks slightly when it comes to assisting employees with issues that may arise.
The worst experience ever. I live in a resort town so shopping would be on and off. My bad review comes from the fact that I had a order at 6 am. With the stores not opening until 7. I get there at 7: 02, I start shopping when I accepted it was 60.00 with 18.00 for shopping and the remaining in tips. the party had 308.00 in groceries which I completed in 1:07. The Next day look at my earnings and I only received a 23.00 payout which included my 5.00 tip they took the top back after I did all the hard work! It required going up to the 2nd floor with heavy lifting! It was a waste and totally unfair. Because I could have grabbed smaller batches to complete and got more. I'm done and don't recommend. How can you even do that and they allowed it. Everything was correct and they pulled that wammy
Very unhelpful app to someone brand new to delivering with instacart. As a result of the confusion I was late delivering my 1st order ever with instacart. It was beyond ridiculous.
2nd order customer was looking for the most obscure items & only a replacement below 79 cents for the tea cookies was acceptable. I was so overwhelmed & confused I literally deleted the app & left the cart in the supermarket isle. Never again!
The cherry on top was never getting paid the 10$ for the 1st trip & as I did not complete the 5 needed. Needless to say they can stuff that 10$ you know where!
There are sketchy things that go on, it doesn’t matter if you do the job right, if a customer says they “didn’t get the order” you are immediately deactivated without warning, and have no chance to defend yourself against a false accusation because they deny you access to it. Do your research and find a company that has protection for this type of scenario, there are plenty of better options out there.
Great job but the pay is not the best in my area. Some areas are better than others. Some make good money
In my experience working at Instacart is perfect for all occasions as I can get my school work done, spend time with my family, still have the person to person interaction like in any other workplace, yet have the ability to work when I want as my own boss, or when I have a bill due I may have forgot about due the hectic lifestyle sometimes.
This is a super easy, time efficient job for people who live a busy life, or for students with unpredictable schedules. Make your own hours!
When I started it was a great gig for me as a mom- now they change their rating system when customer can rate us bad as shoppers for ridiculous reasons and just like that you don’t get anymore batches- it takes weeks for the bad rating to come off meanwhile your bathes get less and less. I could be sitting and waiting for hrs and wait and wait and no batches would come my way. Meanwhile you see others shoppers int he store and when you ask them they are telling you they are getting good gig- it is so frustrating- because as a person you rely on the income and they are not been fare with the rating and allowing customer to rate you so bad where you can’t make any money until the rating come off- what a way to punish your shoppers for things that are not really in our control- I’m to the point where I might just cancel been a shoppers- not that they would care anyway but I feel so mistreated as a shoppers.
Overall my experience being an instacart shoppers has been pleasant. You for the most part control your own schedule manage your own time and it’s up to you how much or how little you make. The pay isn’t great but I wouldn’t recommend this as a full time gig anyhow.
I have been working for Instacart for more than 2 years. I can’t imagine a better job for busy college students. At Instacart you get the liberty to choose your own schedule. You can work any days you want and any amount of hours you desire. With such a busy college schedule this job is truly perfect for me and the pay is great too.
I have loved working for Instacart as I lost my regular job due to COVID-19. The app is easy to use and the customers are almost always very kind. My only complaint is that sometimes you get a rude customer, but that is no fault of Instacart.
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Instacart proved to be a very helpful financial opportunity for those looking to take advantage of the free time they have found themselves given with the current pandemic going on. The company takes very good care of the shoppers and makes sure that we have everything we need to deliver groceries with as little stress as possible
The hours are super flexible which is great as a student with a full time schedule. The work itself is very straight forward, how ever does require a level of social skills for customers. The only downside I would say is that the shopper app freezes sometimes and customer care is very hard to contact.
At first, it was the best app, then it went to pushing the employee quality bonus away. $3 for every time we got 5 ⭐️ rating from the customer. The gps used with Instacart is horrible. We could most definitely use a better upgraded system.
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