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3600 Joseph Siewick Drive
Fairfax, VA 22033
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I love the friendly atmosphere with my coworkers, the normal hours (no 12hr shifts), and the way we all support and help each other. If I could change anything? I would change the communication. Within the office we all communicate very well. However, when you go above that, it's hard to get a timely response or a response at all. Yes, we can call or even text the supervisor of all the sites. It's not professional. If an email goes out to one site about policy, role delineation, or there is an issue, it'll only go to one office or a few people.
Over all though Inova is great to work for. They have great benefits and because they are all over Northern Virginia It's possible to transfer to other places.
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This is a magnet hospital that accepts new grads from nursing school and very friendly to travel nurses. The team work is phenomenal and given the chance I would work there again. One thing that could change is educating the staff more, instead of being up tight with them for not documenting MEWS scores.
I worked at the ED as a nurse extern. It is a position offered to nursing students over the summer break; it is a paid externship. Great opportunity to get practice essential nursing skills under the supervision of experienced RN.