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4320 Seminary Rd
Alexandria, VA 22304
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I've been here since January and i can honestly say this has been the best job I've had. They gave Great training before i started. I've learned so much through this job and the best thing is my co-workers aren't rude! Nobody minds helping so i don't feel like a fool when i ask for help.
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Overall, working at Inova Alexandria was a good. I have made lifetime friendships and made tremendous growth as a woman and a nurse. The compensation is not that work for the hard work we put in but the relationships and benefits make up for it.
I was a patient at Alexandria Hospital On 2016 and I loved the fact that it was a fast pace and the registration registers me fast and they put me in the room once the Triage Nurse saw my condition. The registration gave a Financial aid when I had no insurance and charity paid half of the visit for one week and three days and paid half for my laparoscopy surgery. We will all help out to satisfied our co-works needs and make it a great place to work.