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Huntsville Hospital is quickly growing, forward thinking, innovative, rewarding facility to work for. The opportunities are as endless as they are exciting.
The hospital is all about patient care. We go above and beyond to make sure that each patient, and their family members are treated with the best customer service possible.
I Dislike Huntsville hospital because I feel like they don’t care about their patients they will leave them in the waiting room for hours I’m talking about like 5 to 10 hours at a time they do not have any respect or any care for anyone other than their selves my experience was so bad that I had to sit in the emergency room for 6 1/2 hours I was in there from7pm till about 2:30am will a Mild concussion. There were people bleeding out and while I was watching people behind the desk talk on their phone or text not paying anybody else any Attention overall it was just a very bad experience and I would not recommend going to Huntsville Hospital for any immediate trauma unless to sit their only for them to tell you your fine when you know you not fine!
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I had a wonderful boss while at Huntsville Hospital. The pay was also very good for the work that I did. Sometimes we had to work very long hours, which was exhausting. However, the work at the hospital is very rewarding, as you are helping better the lives of your patients. I would definitely recommend working at Huntsville Hospital.
Good place to work except the compensation sucks and they’re practically a monopoly so going elsewhere isn’t an option. Only level one trama center in North Alabama yet we’re paid like a small rural hospital.
Huntsville Hospital is a level 1 Trauma center and a great place to get experience. Registered nurses have many opportunities to grow.
My experience at Huntsville Hospital has been somewhat challenging. A lot of the policy and procedures are not always put in place on certain departments. Lots of times I see with me and other employees that you do not get recognition for the good things you do on the floor. No team work on certain days depending on whom you are working with. The perks and benefits to working at the hospital are not that good. You would think that a business that big would have better perks for their employees.
As a new employee it is my first time working at Huntsville Hospital. I've worked at other hospitals before but I never received such in depth training at the other locations. I feel like Huntsville Health Systems cares about it's employees and wants them to succeed. They give great benefits and opportunities to move up in the organization. As long as you put in time, effort, and good work you can move up in this organization. They also offer good benefits not only to employees, but also to their contractors.
Top rated hospital. Very advanced laboratory and laboratory services. Skilled workers. Usual workplace culture for hospital setting.
Everybody at the hospital was very respectful and nice, would always greet you and treat you kindly no matter your position (I was a janitor). Management was nice and supportive but didn’t too much care for real life incidents that would happen outside of work. Just assumed everything would be going great in your everyday life and was inconsiderate to any issues you may have had outside of the hospital as if it was your only priority.
I have really enjoyed working at Huntsville Hospital. There are several opportunities for learning and career growth. The environment is friendly. There are several opportunities for growth, conferences and educational classes. Technology is improving continuously. It is at a great location downtown huntsville with a beautiful walking trail in the downtown park. The medical district has everything within driving distance with continuous expansions of the facility.
My experience at Huntsville Hospital has always been encouraging. I like my managers and colleagues. However, I would like to emphasize to change safe nurse to patient ratio from 6-7 patients per nurse to 4patients per nurse, according to state Board of Nursing requirement of my floor.
Working here while going through nursing school has been a great experience so far! I have learned so much and the staff and atmosphere is wonderful.
Huntsville Hospital and their employees strive to provide excellent care to both patients and visitors during their stay.
My experience with Huntsville Hospital is a great one. The staff are caring people who love what they do. The only thing I would change is the parking situation. If you’re a new employee you have to park about 2 miles away from the hospital and get shuttled to the main hospital. This was a pain and caused a lot of people to clock in late.
I have loved working at Huntsville Hospital. The staff are extremely welcoming and I have always felt like my job has made a difference in the lives of others.
I enjoyed working at Huntsville Hospital for almost five years. The people that I worked with were amazing and what really made the job enjoyable. Most of the staff was very friendly throughout the whole hospital and there were good food options in the cafeteria.
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Good benefits. Free gym membership. I love my department and my management staff. Coworkers are helpful.
Huntsville Hospital is by far the best & biggest hospital in North Alabama & still expanding. They take their orientation of the hospital very seriously in how they treat their patients & employees. The hospital strives to be foremost by allowing all of their patients to fill out surveys on their experience at the facility & then enables the staff to work harder on the key areas that need improvement.
I work in the Emergency Department and our management team has always done everything within their power to make sure that their employees are treated fairly. It is a family oriented place and we all look after one another, all 250 of us!
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