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I enjoy the work. It has been a good experience! I would definitely recommend Humana to others considering work within the healthcare/insurance industry and I have told several friends about the flexibility and work environment.
Besides the benefits, which are pretty great, that does not make up for everything else or make staying there worth it.
Humana is a great company. Not only do they care about their members but also their employees. The yearly biometric screenings and rewards given is awesome. The emphasis on being healthy is very motivational to sustain a health lifestyle.
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Humana has a great working environment. In my department, our leaders actually care about us as people. The company offers great benefits. The PTO, 401k, holidays, insurance-all of it, great benefits. They are a great company to work for.
Humana is a large company and is ever changing. The best benefit is being able to work from home. I think this is a huge factor in choosing a career. Do you like working with others all day or do you prefer being alone and working independently. Humana rates high on compensation and work culture. They offer wellness time and wellness incentives. But they rate low on management- big turnover on managers. Their style of management is Micro- management. Lots of bean counting, audits, grading.
With good management, this is a great company to work for. Humana encourages associates to live a healthy lifestyle and provides incentives to adopt those lifestyle changes. A vast majority of the workforce is remote and the company makes a lot of effort to make the environment feel inclusive and create camaraderie.
Good place to work. Offer tuition assistance, good insurance, excellent 401k (match 6% at 125%, so a 6% contribution gets you 13.5%), etc. All about employee's health and wellness.
I think Humana promotes growth in their company and offer a good reimbursement for schooling and advancement in your degree. Humana also offers a wide variety of Health promotion. Humana is also involved in several community activities.
I love Humana! It is a great place to work. Humana continues to find new ways to improve the health care industry. I love how much Humana does for it's members. Humana is always coming up with new programs. The best thing about working for Humana. You are valued for your opinion and higher management listens and makes changes. Not like other companies who just do not care. Humana cares about their employees and continues to do the best by them.
I love working at Humana, i started in November and I think of working here for years to come, Id love to move up in the company. The management is courteous and professional, great co- workers are always a plus, they provide outstanding training and compelling work.
This is overall a great place to work! With great benefits and work/life balance like no other company I’ve worked for.
Excellent company to work for. I work on a great team. I love helping people with their medication reviews. Some days they just need someone who listens.
I love my position and the company that I work for. They are very employee friendly and want all associates to focus on a work/life balance. In addition, we are given the opportunity to do volunteer work to help better our community.
Overall great company and good people. Upward mobility is dependent on the department. The company has lots of different programs geared toward development. Lots of perks including discounts and the ability to earn incentives for being healthy. They are also big on diversity. The company has different clubs you can participate in.
Good company to work for. The benefits are great especially 401k. In an irony I wish the medical insurance was better
Humana is a great company, the take well care of their patients and employees, the treat everyone with respect. The have great pay with overtime offered all the time. They have yearly events for the associates. The company believes in their employees well being. The work is very easy and overall a wonderful place to work.
While it’s had some bumps in the road, Humana seems to be getting back on track by refocusing and pinpointing who they are and what they stand for.

Member focused at it’s core, Humana appears to value their members and make above and beyond efforts to keep the health in the best shape possible.
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Very stressful and no job stability. Constant changes that adversely affect employees. Management has been laying off workers since 2017. In addition to worrying about job security leadership micromanage every aspect of job whether your meeting expectations or not.
I have been with the company for five years and really enjoy where I work. They offer so many benefits and programs for their employees. Being nationwide a lot of opportunities for growth and movement.
Working for Humana has been the best decision I ever made with my career . I work from home and my team has consisted of nine other coworkers that live all over the state. We meet every other week for phone conferences and there’s no micromanagement at this time. I’ve had several work at home employee but I do go on the field and see patients at their homes. Great support from upper management.
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