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34th & Spruce Sts
Philadelphia, PA 19104
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I worked at two different units in this hospital.
The first was a fast paced ICU where breaks were hard to come by. Despite that, I felt the majority of nursing staff worked well together to do their best to create a healthy work environment. I felt there was usually good teamwork between nurses, especially in times of crisis. I felt the majority of physicians on this unit treated nurses as full and equal partners in care; I felt listened to and respected as a patient advocate. The CNAs deserved far better treatment than the received by other RNs on this unit.
My second unit was also critical care, but with neonates. The nursing teamwork here was second to none, I ALWAYS felt supported. Short staffing was responded to with bonus pay, and I felt valued by management. Physicians were not always receptive to nurse input, I felt brushed off often. However, both nursing and physician management were actively working on improving nurse-physician relations when I left this position.
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Managers are rude and take advantage of employees and overwork them, in addition, there is little to no time to eat lunch, work was excruciating because patients were very mean, bathroom breaks are monitored and the office manager constantly checks how many phone calls you missed while you were working on something else and you will get in trouble for it, it is very hard to stay on top of verything that needs to be done.
This has been the longest standing job I have ever had. It helps that I love my job and even though I have rough days and may not be happy with my manager, my manager sings my praises, encourages me to advance and supports any initiatives I intend to lead for my coworkers.