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Hormel Foods Corporation Reviews

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Hormel is a large company that treats some employees very well and others adequately. If you are the right employee, you will love your job. Otherwise, it will pay the bills and you will be a body to fill a spot.
I no longer work here but they have great benefits and fast growing/moving up in the company for those willing to learn and grow with a company. They dont care too much about employees because they are all replaceable.
Hormel for me has been a great place to work, offers ton of flexibility and the chance to go back to school with tuition help. They truly care about developing people in their roles and challenge everyone to do there best.
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The pay is pretty good, but the environment is less than desirable. You work in the cold, and the emplyees tend to be unhappy and are usually only working here until they can find something better
Was my first serious job. I was the youngest worker in the factory. Was tough at first, but did not take long to get a hang of things. Management was wishy-washy. A lot of the supervisors were fresh out of college and did not really know what they were doing.
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