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My experience at HomeGoods has been amazing, working here allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and crack open my shell. I have many amazing friends now because of my job at HomeGoods.
Working for HomeGoods can be really fun and the corporate office seems to really care about employees. However, the hiring process was pretty crazy and unorganized. The store manager does her job poorly and could use more support from corporate.
Working at HomeGoods was good experience all in all. I got to help customers find what they were looking for and even recommend some things to add to their home. The co-worker, once you get to know them, become your pseudo-family over time and you end up making a strong connections that hopefully last a few years. Also the added bonus that you get to interact with Marshalls employees really makes it seem like you are in one big family, everyone knows everyone.
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Bad the company doesn’t know what there doing. They except a lot done in 4 hours of processing a truck but it just don’t work out. A 1000 piece truck or a 1500 piece truck can’t be don’t in 4 hours by 4 employees processing 1 person sorting 1 person doing trash and if your lucky 1 on bulk which Is lamps, furniture, wall dec and rugs. The math does not work. The company does not care and has no item what their sending to the store. If anyone think about working for this company think again. So many employees have quit or walk out.
Homegoods is a great place for job opportunities. I have been with the company for three years and I am very satisfied how my time has been there. I always feel safe and cared for while working. They have opportunity for growth in the company as well. I love the atmosphere and being able to help my store succeed.
Managers who want to see you move up in the company and gain valuable leadership skills that you'll need in the future.
Good place to work. I don't get enough hours but the people and atmosphere are nice. They offer good training and decent pay. As far as retail goes it is a good job. However, they tend to hire too many people, which makes it hard to get any hours. The employee discount is nice and can be used at other stores also.
Home Goods is a good place for an entry level you get taught so many things I work at the one by Arden and my coworkers are all nice. Employees tend to stay there for all the time they need so it depends on how long one tends to stay there. It is a flexible company with hours and benefits. However, some benefits I dislike for example, I cannot apply for scholarships until I reach certain hours working for them which sucks because I will soon be going to college and the company will not help me for college even though I am still working for them. I would say the pay should be higher because, since it mostly women working we have to do a lot of hard work which is sometimes difficult.
Homegoods is a beautiful place to work at. There are many days that are pleasent and issue free. If you are a student they will do their best to try to accommodate you. I would recommend working for homegoods as a first time job, or if your looking for a second job; but if you're looking for a long term career, I'd advise you to look for some place else.
Management needs to change. The store is always a mess because of the amount of merchandise the store is receiving. Never enough room on the sales floor for all of the items. Customers can not shop because they are so overwhelmed with everything being all over the place.
It was a good place to work to get starter experience in the workplace. It taught me that many cultures like different things.
This company is a good company to work for. Its a very family friendly environment. For example, you have mother and daughter, (including my mother and I) son and daughter, married couple etc...that work closely together which makes for a family orientated type of atmosphere. My colleagues are energetic and fun to work with. Choosing to work here was a good decision. My position at Homegoods has allowed me to expand my work experience background and sharpen my customer service skills as well. Overall i would recommend anyone to apply for a position there.
HomeGoods is a location with an easy job but frustrating management. Most of your day consists of scanning and bagging items, talking to customers on the floor, or carrying furniture. Flexibility doesn't occur often and managers are not transparent about what they plan to do. During the hectic holiday hours, an associate would be lucky to leave their station to do something else. The managers, for the most part, don't seem to care as much about their employees. They have much more of a focus on the numbers. Someone couldn't go out and be social either, largely because HomeGoods will schedule them 2 weeks in advance and there is little that can be done to negate that.

Decent place to work, frustrating managers.
At first, it was refreshing to work there because I was getting hours but it all stops when I started school, and I told them I could work the weekends, but I'm only working Saturdays and Sundays which is why I am searching for a new job hopefully they will give me more hours. Don't get me wrong, I learned a lot just being there, but there comes a time where you need to find something that can benefit you in the long run so I am hoping in the upcoming month or so I will be able to take a leave of absence from this company and find something that will help me right now.
HomeGoods is a fine place for students. The management, however, has issues. There seems to be a lot of drama that occurs at the higher level which trickles down to the employees. I've caught one of my managers crying multiple times because of another coordinator and nothing has really changed. They also tend to hire a lot of old people when they really can't handle some aspects of the job. The older people are mostly lazy (they feel they're above tasks like cashiering) and not helpful (especially when lifting furniture all day). Overall, it'd be a much better place if the management did something about the drama at the higher levels.
The pay was not worth the effort that employees had to put in. Unloading trucks, putting together furniture, moving furniture to the floor. Just a lot to be doing for minimum wage.
Our location has a great team but our store is too small for the amount of merchandise that comes into our store. The isles are very small which make it hard for multiple customers to walk through. Our store gets a lot of business, which is good, but the size of the store is not big enough.
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The shopping experience is great when your shopper, great customer service from everyone, even the ones that assist on the floor
The environment and the customers are fantastic. The work is fast paced and keeps you busy. Co-workers are fun and helpful but unfortunately, management is not.
Homegoods is a good environment to work in for retail. Most co-workers are hardworking and friendly. Managers do genuinely care for the store and employees. The downsides of working at Homegoods is that there is no consistent scheduling and nearly all part-time employees have to work on the weekends. The customers could be rude at times and the workload could be heavy.
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