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6301 Fitch Path
Albany, OH 43054
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The company is good about treating their workers well. Co-workers are also very nice! When I first started at the store I was very nervous but the managers always try to get to know you so that you feel more comfortable. The company is like family and we all get along very well. I really like our discount because we get 50% off on five items every month so as a student I really appreciate that because it helps me save money during the school year! I am also very grateful for the flexibility. School comes first and they respect your schedules and never schedule you on days you can't work. I love it there.
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Every experience I have ever had at Hollister was amazing, the managers care about their workers, the atmosphere of the store was pleasant, and the benefits of working there are amazing! I feel welcome and cared for as an employee.
At Hollister, I get to interact with young people who share the same ideas as I do. The staff and management relationship in the store is very healthy, whereas there is no arguing, little to no disagreements, the managers respect the employees and the employees in return respect the managers. I knew I made a smart choice working here since the day I walked in for an application. All the employees are extremely friendly people who never fail to assist customers and fellow employees alike.