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7707 SW 44th
Oklahoma, OK 73179
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Working at Hobby Lobby was the greatest best job I ever had. The hours are great because you do not have to get there extremely early and work extremely late. You are also off on Sundays, which is nice so that you can spend time with family. On top of that Hobby Lobby really takes care of its employees by paying them fantastically. When I was just 16 years old, I was getting paid $9 per hour (the minimum pay has actually gone up since then) for working part time. On top of that, the job really allows you to unleash your inner creativity. I remember one time a woman came in asking about an idea for a message in a bottle project. I helped her with her ideas and she was so excited and then started to cry because I found out that she was actually going to send a real message in a bottle with her husband’s ashes. Opportunities like that were the icing on the cake when I worked at Hobby Lobby.
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I really love my job, but mostly I love working for a strong Christian-based company! I love that they sell lots of Christian things, and I love that they play Christian music.
I have worked as a Department Head Manager for Hobby Lobby for three years now. A great company that appreciates it's employees. The store, district, and regional managers are great to work with and are always willing to listen to what the employees have to say whether it be suggestions for improvement or a problem the employee is facing in the workplace. Great pay and benefits, this company is also flexible when time off is needed. There is also a feeling of job security as a department head. If you know what you're doing and you do your job accordingly, there will never be any issues or concerns.