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Good Place to work, very helpful to employees onboarding. Lots of temporary employment opportunities.
I love that the staff are so dedicated to their employees. Megan is always there when I need her. Any questions or concerns I may have about a current position she will address and answer to the best of her knowledge. And I love how if she doesn't know the answer to my question she will find out the answer.
Hire Dynamics is an agency that provides one with multiple job positions to choose from. This helps in decision making based on your availability, locational commute, and if you request a specific amount of pay. Most positions are ones that have high turnover, but I believe this makes it beneficial to workers who are trying to find a company to call home. Having the opportunity to temporarily work for Hire Dynamics helped open up my mind to apply myself towards many things I would've done on my own. If you are ever experiencing a situation of concern, they are quick to assist with a solution. The hiring process was easy to follow along with and very quick. I do continue to receive emails from this agency with available job opportunities that fit my interest. This satisfies me as they are not ones to call and annoy me. They are respectfully allowing me to remain up to date with open opportunities.
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Hire Dynamics is a job agency where people can outsource their information and work history to reach more clients. I came to work for them as a college student. Companies pay them to send workers, and in turn Hire Dynamics pays the workers. This is good if your're looking to be full-time. As you work for a client, there's an opportunity to be brought on to work for them directly. Once that happens, you're no longer a part of Hire Dynamics's job roster. The client will pay you directly and it's usually a hire wage. The time needed to be considered for full employment differs among the clients you're working for. To add to that, the only trouble with Hire Dynamics I had was getting into the system. As long as you're persistent, you'll eventually be screened and added to the roster.
Being an employee of Hire Dynamics was a convenient way to find a seasonal job when I go back home from school. Provided much needed income through a variety of option. When they send you to a job site you follow the onsite company protocol but your an Hire Dynamic employee in till they hire you on full time. The time and paid comes through Hire Dynamic. Which is weekly pay and provides you opportunity to be hire on full time at a job site you find interest in. Each job site has one employee there, I believe Monday through Saturday for a period of time in and out of different shifts to assist with work situation.
Employees and the manger are ok because they don’t know what is deaf culture look like. There’s a lot of miscommunication. Some employees are nice and respect some don’t. There’s a lot of positive and negative in some way.
I am a student tutor for Hire Dynamics. It is a very nice job. The pay is always on time, and my supervisors are always readily available. They are very understanding with absences, and any other situations.
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