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7930 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, VA 22102
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I enjoyed most coworkers & grew close bonds with some of the regular members who used the fitness center amenities such as the steam room, sauna, gym, outdoor boot camp, yoga, etc. The scenery of Bell Rock vortex from depending upon where you were standing around the resort's premises was breathtaking. The travel & healthcare benefits were great. Although the initial training process & orientation was quite tedious & long, I definitely learned an absorbent amount of information about Hilton & how it came to be today.
My only constructive criticism for having worked with this company are their very strict corporate guidelines&yearly pay increase for working at this particular location was less than $1. Overall, I recommend working with Hilton Resort if you are interested in the hospitality field. It will provide you with a ladder of growth opportunities for your future as well as give you discounts on travel for yourself & friends around the world. It is a great foot in the door.
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They offer benefits, yes, including 401k. They have a decent travel discount program which was the best part of working for them. The management was totally stuck in an old-school belief that employees are disposable. There are ways to balance the needs of the workers and bottom lines, but they just laid people off to make up the 4th quarter. The property I worked at fired so many people, and the last I heard, they were having trouble finding enough qualified candidates. Good for a paycheck and room discount.
So I was at a hotel when it was first a choice property and then went to a Hilton. From there not only did I get a $2 raise, so $11-$13, but also the guests were no longer these people staying because the rates were so cheap. My lack of a full five stars though still revolve around the guests that Hilton encourages to be entitled. They have an honors system where the prestige are called Diamonds and boy do some of them flaunt it. Some Gold does this but more often than not its a Diamond. Now they are allocated certain benefits if available, problem is when those benefits are not available and they make it your problem even though its a free membership. Anyhow that’s my review, hope it helped.