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7930 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, VA 22102
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Great travel opportunities! This position allowed me to work in a diverse environment and meet lots of new people. I loved my managers and my coworkers were my closest friends. I always felt comfortable and appreciated. The team constantly pushed each other and looked out for each other. It was also in a great location. I was able to move up in the team quickly as I always did my best and they encouraged us too with bonus and awarding requested time off!
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If I were to have taken this survey a year ago my review would have much higher. The compensation is fair which brings my overall rating to average. However, the environment of the workplace has been on a steady decline for many months. I hesitate to even submit this feedback. I do want to add though that although this is a Hilton Location it is a franchise not corporate. It is owned by Interstate Hotels and upholds corporate policies of the Hilton Corporation. I can not speak to the environment at other locations.
It’s a nice working environment , people are friendly . Pay is decently good, worth it. The people care about doing a good job. You learn a lot about hospitality and how the industry is a harsh one. You make friends while working there and they pretty much feel the same about work as you do. The team member discount is a great bonus, just wish it was more. So, like there would be more hotels that offer it and also have more hotels priced with the member discount.