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Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a great place to work! I love my job and management is supportive of personal and professional development.
Awesome place, nice people , great lay off. Also strong political. Stab-backing situation. No trust. Sometimes. Very hierarchical.

No lunch. Cafeteria sucks. And all office bldg is rent so we have to move one to the other. Poor investment of real estate
I throughly enjoyed working at Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Tallahassee, Florida. I met some amazing people, as well as, life long friends. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with this amazing company. I have definielty learned and grown so much.
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As a high school intern, HPE has made me feel very welcome in their workplace. I never felt as if I was too inexperienced or not important. A real focus is put into their employees and giving back to the community by enriching the future generation.
too many hands in the cookie jar, very large company. layoffs occured for 5000 people, some good employess
It was a very fun environment and the pay was also good. Lunch time was allotted 30 minutes and the cafeteria has great cooks.
The facility I worked at was the call center in Conway, AR. The company had fantastic work culture unfortunately the upper corporate environment became filled with bean counters and closed the facility down. If you can obtain a position I would still highly recommend it because of great workplace culture, management, and growth opportunities.
It is a wonderful company to work for. They go above and beyond to make you feel like family. They are really big on diversity.
Company just born out of a merger of CSC and the old EDS spun off by HPE
A lot more business opportunities, a much larger sales and delivery capability
Great people in the trenches, smart, talented, experienced.
Replacing people with software as fast as possible
Replacing experienced people with inexperienced people as fast as possible
I was chosen to participate in a Product Management Workshop at the Sofia office in Bulgaria. Take the chance to see their office. The design is cool. The working space is small tho.
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