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About Heritage House of Marshall

Health Care
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About the Area
  1. Crime & Safety
  2. Walkability
  3. Diversity
  4. Nightlife
Area Feel
Sparse Suburban
Median Household Income
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Heritage House of Marshall Reviews

1 review
Good job to work. I enjoy my coworkers. The don is awesome and fair to everyone. The patients are upbeat and enjoyable to be around. A great deal of pride can be taken knowing you are helping others and have others that will help you do that. They have Christmas parties every year with great gifts. A shout out box for anyone to drop a name and say something awesome about someone doing a great job. I enjoy this job and don’t mind coming to work everyday. I’m going to remain here because the culture is so great and laughs are plentiful even on bad or rough days. They take the worst situations and turn them not so bad because you get thru it with the help of others. Here you are never alone always someone to be able to call on for assistance. No managers micro managing you. Do your job and its great. The don is smart and great at problem solving and always available and willing to help 24 hours a days. I look forward to seeing everyone including patients and coworkers.
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