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Harborview MC is a teaching hospital and because of that I've found the experience to be fundamental to my studies in nursing school. I work in the float pool and so I travel to all units in the hospital and have found help and a teaching environment is all of them. My nurses and many of the doctors I've worked with are eager to help in anyway that they can and allow me to sit in on procedures and witness them in an open learning setting. Also my manager Corey Baxter has been instrumental in helping me navigate my schooling and find a balance between school and work. I plan on continuing to work at Harborview and within the University of Washington Medicine setting for a very long time.
Harborview Medical Center is a level one regional trauma hospital as well as comprehensive stroke center. We serve the most vulnerable population and improve health of public. Despite our patients come from different states, we treat everyone equally with respect and provide the best care. I always tell my own family that if anything happens to me, please take me to Harborview. That tells us the amount of trust I have.
I have been doing a residency at Harborview. I am impressed with the amount of services available and the staff is excellent.
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I have worked at Harborview Medical Center for four years. My position has no room for growth, as I'm a Mental Health Specialist. Nurses, however, can be promoted to various positions throughout the hospital. Harborview Medical Center is a taking hospital, so students are always around to soak up knowledge. Parking here is horrendous for day shift people, but the prices ease up for the evening or night staff. It is easy to make connections here, as people are always willing to talk. The hospital is exceptionally accommodating during harsh weather times. Recommended place to work if you are offered a position here.
I love the ability of this Hospital to treat anyone no matter their race, background, and financial standing. Additionally, I appreciate that this hospital is the main trauma center in the whole Northwest including Alaska.
It is the best place to gain experience for anyone considering to enter the medical field. It is a state hospital so you care for a wide variety of trauma patients. Working here I have learned more than I could have ever imagined.
Great working with amazing supportive coworkers. needs improvement on management as employee turnover is quite high.
I get to see a bunch of different things i w wouldn't be able to see anywhere else. the employees are wonderful and caring
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