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325 9th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104
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I have worked at Harborview Medical Center for four years. My position has no room for growth, as I'm a Mental Health Specialist. Nurses, however, can be promoted to various positions throughout the hospital. Harborview Medical Center is a taking hospital, so students are always around to soak up knowledge. Parking here is horrendous for day shift people, but the prices ease up for the evening or night staff. It is easy to make connections here, as people are always willing to talk. The hospital is exceptionally accommodating during harsh weather times. Recommended place to work if you are offered a position here.
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I love the ability of this Hospital to treat anyone no matter their race, background, and financial standing. Additionally, I appreciate that this hospital is the main trauma center in the whole Northwest including Alaska.
It is the best place to gain experience for anyone considering to enter the medical field. It is a state hospital so you care for a wide variety of trauma patients. Working here I have learned more than I could have ever imagined.