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646 S Flores St
San Antonio, TX 78204
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I'd say working for H-E-B has overall been a little above than average! I'm happy I have gotten to work in the company that so many struggle to get hired into!

I have had the opportunity for growth from a Pharmacy Care rep to a Pharmacy Technician which has given me a pay boost to afford to live as a college student and not struggle to make ends meet all the time.

The benefits are relativity nice with the health insurance and the partner stock plan.

With the good, there has certainly been some negative! HEB is a corporate family-owned still company, but has recently the past 2 years has had the more corporate attitude about it. Like the store managers, regional managers, and HR have all started to care less about the employees and more about the sales and numbers.

Or even you have an break down mentally or the like it has turned into a no-tolerance and they have stopped checking to see if you are okay or if the work environment is not going well.
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What a fantastic company to work for! Great benefits coupled with opportunities to be challenged to grow both as a partner and as a working combine to make this one of my favorite retail jobs. I personally experienced the dedication that this company has for its partners when I had a back injury and was forced on disability. I always felt that had my best intentions in mind concerning my ability to return to work. I am also thankful for the 401 K plan that I invested in, which they match up to a certain amount, and our Partner Stock Plan, which is free stock we receive from the companies good market performance, as these both came in handy for hardship withdrawal, and the partner stock plan will come in handy in my 2 year in a college program when I need funds to pay for school. I highly recommend working for H-E-B if you are looking for a temporary gig, carrier in retail, or a part-time job.
I worked at H-E-B for the duration of three months. While I was employed by H-E-B, my experience there was pleasurable to say the least. I cannot emphasize the amount of opportunities and benefits that H-E-B offers. Not only is H-E-B an excellent company that encourages individual growth but the company also provides a wide array of benefits such as, affordable healthcare and extensive vacations. While H-E-B offers a wide array of opportunities, I would encourage the company to offer more scholarships for students who are seeking to pursue professional careers while being employed by H-E-B. That being said, had I not ventured off to college after high school, I would surely have remained with H-E-B!