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Overall, my experience at H&M was average-it is your typical retail work environment. H&M has a very inclusive and diverse workplace culture and conducts state, country, and global philanthropic activities by promoting and donating to various charities and allowing employees to participate in volunteer programs. One thing that I would like to see this company improve upon, however, is its sustainability practices. H&M needs to learn how to control their production quantities or recycle, reuse, or donate any excessive amounts of clothing. The store I worked at often had too much inventory and at times it became difficult to place any product. Also, the company needs to provide better protection and assistance to many of their workers here in the U.S. and across the globe by increasing wages and integrating new or reformed workplace safety and harassment policies.
Awesome job and pay for a seasonal position as a college student. Amazing experience and co-workers. Lots of room to grow and learn.
Difficult company to work for. Expect low pay and hostile working environment. The customers are by far the worst part of the job, and being on your feet all day with very few breaks especially during the holidays
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Coworkers are really nice, the company is open to people of all walks of life, and the base pay is above minimum wage.
The staff are great but the district team and country team have very unrealistic expectations and there is a lot of stress attached. They also do not pay their employees a competitive rate.
too much favoritism work there it didn't feel equal and my employee didn't really want me working I cried after every shift which you shouldn't because it should be a friendly environment the breaks were unfair,
The company does not want promote within. I had to leave the company for a better position to be considered. However, great benefits!
It's a really good company that cares about it's people, which is why I've been with them for 7 years. It's hard to move up because of store and district management but it just depends on the people you work with.
I have worked with the company for 4 years. I have grown internally from sales advisor to visual merchandiser. What I would like to see change in the role clarity in managers and visuals.
H&M is a great company to work for if you are part-time and looking for work as a college student as I am currently. For retail, the pay wage is great considering other retailers who pay crummy. H&M delivers affordable and cost-friendly clothing for all types of people from men's to even kids! Not many mall stores do this. And if they do, it's only available online. I am proud to say I work for such a great company.
I have really enjoyed working for H&M, everyone that I have worked with managers and all have been some of the best people I've come to know. Plus we get some stellar discounts!
Loved the job at first and stayed with the company for 4 years. Free to express my personal style and access to new inspiration everyday. Things started getting very toxic a year later with a lot of turn over in management (3 different store managers within 1 year), favoritism, and harassment from management . They say they have an open door policy but it ends up getting blown up in your face with retribution, and failure to reprimand management . Infact, if it doesn't benefit management, either your a problem or not important. Refering to H&M @ garden state plaza
Working here made me feel like a valuable member of an extraordinary company. Being an eco-friendly company they always encouraged ways to recycle clothing and be conscious of ways to help the Earth
I’ve worked for the company for almost 3 years now and I’m comfortable here because it sort of feels like home. I’ve made many friends here and that’s what I enjoy the most, working with my friends and having fun whilst working. The one thing I would change is the lack of hours after holiday season. They’re very scarce and it’s difficult to make a living unless you’re a full time emplor
Its a great job with great people, I would definitely say the only thing I would change is how much training is received by workers.
Opportunities are available to move up and grow with the company. Work culture is diverse and you are able to meet many people with different backgrounds. For a retail job I would highly recommend it because employees are treated well and given good benefits
They have great benefits. Schedule is very flexible to change, switch shifts or request days off. Early morning shifts for stock work and great team.
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I worked for this company for 5 years and I really enjoyed them! All the time I was there I was also in school, like most of my coworkers, and the management team was always helpful and were willing to work with our school scheduale. As a part-timer I also have benefits! like paided vacations, health insurance, among other things, also theres a lot perks like discounts in theme parks and movie tickets. The work culture was great, everybody was open, respectful and chill, so it was a nice environment. It really like HM because it a company that cares about their workers, the working environment was always nice and it really felt that we were one team.
It’s a means for survival. You need this job to help with everyday necessities. However, it’s not fulfilling unless you have a manager position or work 9-5 M-F. The people(co-workers) Is what makes this place tolerable.
H&M is a great company in the corporate area. I work at the global flagship in Times Square. It is very fast-paced, very stressful, but there are good moments. I do like working there, but some employees are bothersome. I honestly have made friends quickly at my job. The hours are sometimes ridiculous because sometimes I do not get home until 4 a.m. Most managers usually stay in the office, but there are a select few of managers who are willing to give you assistance without asking. The visual merchandising team is wishy-washy because some of them would not help you even though they know where everything is inside the store. Usually I try to help everyone because one of h&M's values is that we are one team and that is I try to stick to that.
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