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111 South Grant Avenue
Columbus, OH 43215
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Grant Medical Center Reviews

3 reviews
I have been a patient and employee of this medical center and I have never had better care. The nurses, physicians and other support staff were amazing. As an employee, I have never worked with such amazing people and and an outstanding company that encompasses and upholds their values and integrity for those we care for and the employees. Great hospital and great company.
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The management to care more about their staff. All about numbers no quality of care. The staff are amazing. I work well with everyone. They are making our patient to nurse/aide ratios too high. Jeopardizing the patient care. Nurses should not take 6 patients and sides should not have more then 10. We take 15 or more. Not manageable at all. Does not help the patients at all or meet the numbers they want us to meet. Not happening
My particular department is well staffed and understanding. Everyone works together. Pay is not great starting compared to other health systems in the area. Benefits are pretty bad as well.