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Golden Corral Reviews

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It was ok. I worked there for 10 years. I loved my customers and most of my co-workers, but the management has serious issues with favoritism. Many times this got in the way with many good employees and made them quit. It was a job and it did pay the bills, however and I appreciated the time I spent there!
I like that this company is College oriented. They really work with my school schedule, and they are very understanding of the busy college student life.
I made good tips and for the most part I had a great time working with my co-wokers. However, one of the managers has a tendency to think that he is living in the 1800's and he can be very racist at a times. I really avoid contact with him at all costs. I am glad I work at this place I learned to be patient and give a good customer service. It was quite the experince.
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