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Very flexible and a perfect college job. It is a dying company so you will typically find yourself very bored and doing senseless cleaning to stay busy. Not many people stay for a career so it is VERY easy to move to a better position, as long as you can hit your numbers. Corporate is a little overbearing about hitting daily numbers, but it is very doable, even just giving 10% of your effort. There’s a system to earn commission.
Typical 9 -5 job that pays minumum wage plus commission. Managers are very nice and help you grow in cash flow and knowledge. Small location so it is hard to find customers
I've worked for the company now close to 1.5 years, and have quickly grown from sales associate to store manager. The region itself has an incredible network of managers, workers, and regional managers that are both supportive of your growth and wellbeing.
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Working here has been a very lenient environment. My manager was great and enjoyed coming to work all the time. Great overall clientele.
GNC is an excellent company to work for with flexible hours while in school. As well as being flexible with school they work well with my training requirements for the USMCR as well as my other job. There also is a self driven sales environment with performance indicators that drive employees to succeed in the work place and force them to learn product knowledge and use.
I love this place. This job and the people I am surrounded by daily get me through the hard times in life. We have the greatest time together and it is strongly encouraged by management to be a team player. Love GNC!
Working here is very good in terms of location and being able to learn about the needs of the body. Your role is make sure you help patrons complete their health goals by providing recommendations in terms of lifestyle and eating habits.
I love learning all about what the GNC product is. We do learning labs to get a better in-site on what each bottle of protein, vitamins, or pre workouts have in them and then sharing that knowledge with our clients . I wish we had a more “ sports “ attire at work or more options as far as uniforms go
It was a fun work environment and there was a lot of room to grow and many things to learn. I was able to work at multiple stores and with many different clientele. This gave me a good foundation in regards to customer service and has stayed with me since.
I worked for GNC for about a year and a half. Started as a sales associate and moved up to store manager within 4 months.

Overall the experience was good, I love health and fitness so the products were exciting to me. Some of my workers didn't have quite the same passion and then again others did.

Pros: Discounted products which is good if you use them.
Ability to make commission and add to your check. If you love health, fitness and supplements then I'd recommend checking out GNC.

Cons: High turnover rate for employees and especially upper management. Low base pay. A lot of shifts you work alone. No music in stores so it's silent if a customer doesn't feel like having a conversation. Some employees don't want to be there and not enough applicants to fix issue.
Working for GNC providing a place to learn about health and nutrition while also practicing sales. I enjoyed working for this company. The pay was fair. Management worked hard to make sure that all the employees were succeeding.
It is a slow-paced environment, could be fast paste at times. There are opportunities to grow and earn some commission.
It was a good experience working for GNC, good sales experience and running store on my own. Smaller stores that have the potentional to make the employees good compensation if they can sell prouducts well.
I love working for GNC. It is a great company. I have learned a lot while working here and it has given me great ideas of what I would like to do in the future and gave me great education in the health and fitness fields to do so.
The pay is higher than most jobs. This job works well with school allowing me down time to study and finish assignments while at work. The people who work here are very nice, its a small company so we all know one another.
It's great helping people get into a healthier life style but some of the choices the company makes for its employees are not the best.
I enjoyed my time with this company. It's easy work, just stay focused and you'll be fine. The management was always good to me but there is a lack of professionalism that I'm sure customers pick up on. I know I did within my first few weeks working there. Overall the stores looked neat and tidy though which is important for retail . We had a smaller staff but everyone was reliable which is huge, you never got stuck working late.
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Fun work environment . I’ve worked for gnc for 3 years and I think it’s a great place to work while I’m in school.
Been loving GNC, works great with my schedule for school! Management is fantastic, have not had any issues thus far. Would recommend to friends!
GNC is a popular brick and mortar supplement chain. The company has been trying to reinvent itself over the past few years with new programs and cost structures. The effort is greatly appreciated. However due to the financial struggles that the company faces the pressure from upper management can be felt on every level. The goals change frequently with little explanation to justify the changes. The company lacks one true solid plan, which admittedly is difficult to create for GNC's position. GNC has also taken a hit on the stock market. With the stock being shorted often. In short, good workers on the base level, however the company is struggling to finds its niche that'll help bring it back to the once strong company it was years ago.
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