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900 23rd St NW
Washington, DC 20037
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I love working with the patient. I took this job because I love working with people. I like being able to help the patients solve any insurance issue, getting them in touch with the proper organization, and helping them figure what insurance may work for them. Office teamwork help the office run more smoothly. It is a pleasure working with my co-workers. Management listen to our concerns about our department. I feel comfortable going to my manager about any concerns that I have. GW Medical Faculty Associates is a great place to start an entry level position. The medical benefits could be better.
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The hospital offers competitive pay and benefits. Plenty of room for growth and development. Mangement is highly visible and engaging with staff and patients. The culture and environment are friendly, pleasant, and professional. I feel there is an equal amount of work/life balance here in this organization. This organization is very stable and the location is very convenient with public transportation literally right at the hospital's front doors and lots of parking options as well.
Great experience for a those in nursing school. However, as usual that position is abused. Team work is non existent, nurses don't want to help patients and expect you as the tech to do every little thing. It can be very, very frustrating