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621 NW 53rd Street
Boca Raton, FL 33487
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Work here can be frustrating. Many of the employees are not operating in their jobs from a correctional point of view. There are limited programs available for the inmates that work to reduce recidivism. There are education courses that serve the inmates well, but there is little follow-up about using their newly earned GEDs once they are released. Many of the administrators are more interested in profit of the company rather than correcting/helping inmates. There are poor insurance and retirement options, no paid vacation or sick time for employees until they work for a year. Wages are at a standstill due to wage determination. There is always a feeling of doom on the horizon; at any time, the federal government could choose to pull out of the private prison industry. Because it is a federal CONTRACTOR, none of the employees are considered federal employees and are ineligible for federal employee benefits although they are doing the same work as their federally employed counterparts.
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This company’s mission plan is great. In my specific job, we are responsible for helping former felons integrate back into society. Administrative staff has been extremely helpful not only with this job opportunity but with helping me stay in school and balance that in as well. Sometimes hours get crazy and there’s no work life ratio but ultimately I am very lucky to work in this field. Full time employees get a range of benefits and discounts. There is always a chance to move up. Every administrative staff member usually has started at the base position in the facility.
Although there were no major issues with the company itself, unfortunately they do not have a system of accountability for management. The Program Director at Centinela Prison in CA is very unprofessional and is not willing to listen to employee requests/feedback, etc. Also, because the company is based out of Florida, we do not have a direct HR representative that we could contact to address these concerns. She basically is given free reign to do whatever she pleases, which she takes advantage of frequently.