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Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital Reviews

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There are many perks, but there are also many downsides. Im sure that's with all we employers. More perks/recognition for hospital employees than clinic employees. Although clinic employees don't work holidays unless they are urgent care.
Froedtert Hospital is an excellent place to work that provides the highest standards of care. Although, I only started a month ago, I am already being trained in multiple positions within the pharmacy. The management team is very open and helpful. Furthermore, they have been flexible with my school schedule.
I have only been working at Froedtert for six months now and so far I really enjoy it. I work in resource pool as a nursing assistant and so I travel to many different areas throughout the hospital. Most of the people I work with are very friendly and will go out of there way to help if others need it. The environment is very open and the employees want the patients to get better. The hours while working are long but it is typical for nursing staff.
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I love working for Froedtert Hospital because of the wonderful management, amazing coworkers, and flexibility. I am a CNA on a busy floor but still love going to work. They take care of their staff and treat patients very well.
I work at Froedert for 12 years. I like the diversity and updates of medical technology.The staff is very friendly and the bosses are fair. If you have any concerns human resources will address the issue in a timely matter.
Best employer for almost 14 years, flexible with work life balance, easy to talk to management, much availability for advancement.
Perfect place to work , Great room for growth , learning is always encouraged and they truly care about patient care. Nothing negative to say.
Great place to work. Everyone is like a family, including leadership all the way down. They treat you fair, encourage you to pursue further education and opportunities. Help you to succeed.
I always wanted to work for this organization, I entered this hospital as a ekg tech a few years ago and finished my associated in 2009 and figured that I would start here right away. It took sometime for me to get a job in my field at FMLH. I continued to work at the VA and finally I was a pool position. I was so happy and showed how strong my work and personality skills were. This allowed me to obtain a better independent role and it has allowed me to us my management degree.
What I like most about this organization is that it is innovative, high acuity and encourages employees to elevate their practice.
Froedtert is a great company to work for. Scheduling/hours are flexible and management is very supportive in regards to coordinating school and/or family schedules. Froedtert offers tuition reimbursement after a minimum of 90 days of employment. If attending school for any type of degree related to positions offered by Froedtert, applying as a current employee of the company is beneficial. The hospital that I currently work in provides a fast paced work environment that allows me to constantly evolve as medicine and technology continue to advance. A few of the other perks include great employee benefits, employee discounts and a variety of flexibility in scheduling dependent on your area of employment placement. Froedtert provides you with a strong sense of employee recognition and appreciation as well as competitive wages.
Working in the Emergency Department is fast-paced. I would like to see more patient education provided for primary care and urgent care facilties to allow for shorter wait times and increased patient satisfaction. Work environment is stressful and sometimes too much to handle. Most days I end up with a headache or overly tired when leaving work. Management plays favorites (as with any company). Parking is AWFUL- new employees are being shuttled from an off-site location and it adds about an hour to the work day.
My experience working at Froedtert has been nothing short of amazing! I feel respected and valued as an employee. I have worked here for just about 5 1/2 years and have since been promoted 3 times. I am currently loving my position and find it challenging and rewarding! Not to mention the pay is very competitive with other hospitals and company’s in the area. I wouldn’t leave this organization at all.
I like the environment. It is a welcoming to all people. It is a friendly place to work. All the co-worker I work with respect one another. Froedtert focus on improving the health for all patients. As a whole Froedtert values it’s employees and the talents from its staffs. Froedtert is always expanding, which is good because it will be easily accessible to people who need the care. Froedtert foster a caring environment. Froedtert trains all its staffs to help the patients find their way around Froedtert. Since Froedtert is such a huge hospital.
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