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3226 Central Parkway
Cincinnati, OH 45225
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Frisch's Big Boy Reviews

3 reviews
Frisch's is a fun and fast-paced restaurant. I think the biggest obstacle we face in customer satisfaction and employee retention is people thinking we are fast food. We are a casual dining restaurant, everything is fresh and prepared to order, but people get upset when their food isn't ready immediately. I love meeting new people and preparing food that people love to eat. I've made life-long friendships and more. I only wish our company would pay more. We do a lot for them, they should do more for us.a typical day at frisches starts out slow u have to do all your prep, lunch is crazy, you move none stop, u finish up the afternoon with clean up very fast past. i liked getting paid every week. management was horrible didnt help me in training had to figure it all out my self pay wasnt worth it or the hours i wouldnt recommend working there to any bodyI worked for frischs and never experienced so much disorganization.
Seen drive thru attendant not wash hands returning to work.
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Nice work environment, switch managers alot though. I had to take leave for cancer and s new baby and they worked with me!
The location of the store is a huge positive for the restaurant. It could definitely improve on growth opportunities for the workers.