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1811 Boston Road
Wilbraham, MA 01129
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An ever changing scene of managers, none of whom seem to know what they're doing. The machinery is broken down and rotting on a good day. The lack of training and aqueduct staffing will run you into the ground and make you work twice as hard as any other restaurant for half the pay. The quality of the food seems to be forever going down hill and the corporate decisions for the direction of the company is based off profit more than feasibility.
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I love working at friendly's! It's a great friendly environment with lots of other young workers there. Management is great as well. Friendly's has given me a great opportunity to make a good amount of money.
I am a manager here and It is not the best place to work. It is easy, and your schedule can fit your personal needs, but the pay is not great and there are virtually no benefits to working here. A lot of places offer tuition assistance, which they do not. There is no retirement plan, and the health plan they offer (which is only offered to salary managers) is absolute garbage. I do not recommend this job to anyone.