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3156 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14618

About Friendly Senior Living

Health Care
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Overall my experience working here has been alright. I work as a waitstaff employee. The employees are very close and I have made friends from working here which is very positive. There are a few negatives though. Lately, the staff who have been hired are poor workers. They are constantly on the phone and are not contributing to a positive work environment. I feel as if management is not doing much about it either. Since we are not tipped as a waitstaff, the pay is very poor. I have continued to work here becaus I absolutely love the residents! They brighten my day and make working there work it! If I am ever in a bad mood, I am leaving work in a positive mood!
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There needs to be better communication between the various departments, but you work with some amazing people.
it’s a great 5 star nursing home with great pay, benefits and just an overall great work environment. the idea is to be friendly always. it’s one of the best nursing homes in the country, rated every year. there’s minimal issues when DOH comes in. a really nice and fancy facility that feels like home.