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Good company to work for and you feel a satisfaction of making a difference in a persons life that can make it for the better of the patient.
Competitive wages and opportunities for advancement. I feel challenged by my job and the need for upper education.
great team work, this company is very supportive of me and going back to school, they are a very caring company
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The company has great insurance, paid time off, 401k and offers growth opportunities. The company is nationwide and worldwide.
It’s been a great experience working for this company. There are different opportunities for growth no matter the line of work you are in. Helping patients every day is truly a rewarding thing that not everyone gets to do. We get to connect and truly get to know our patients we become a family in the clinics. I would recommend Fresenius Medical Care to anyone that may be looking for a job or for a dialysis center to treat at. I’ve been with the company for 6 years and every day I am learning something new. I feel blessed to have gotten a chance to work with this company.
My experience is average. There was a switch in management and that has been hard to adjust in the workplace. The people I work with have all been nice and friendly. Hours are long but that is the standard in acute dialysis. You never know what time you are getting off, added to working 4 days a week. Benefits are average.
I enjoyed working at fresenius. It was an efficient and clean environment. The people were nice, and helpful. I would suggest better time management, and more training for employees prior to the start date.
Fresenius is a great company to work for. The have several opportunities for advancement at all levels. As an employee you learn not only the operations side but the clinical aspect as well. Their vision and technology is so advanced.
How the teams come together as one. Education is constantly pushed on the employees. That’s a good thing for your company to want you to excel. I really appreciate the encouragement.
I like the continued education throughout the year. Growth opportunities are encouraged if you apply yourself. Resources are readily available. Coworker and managers are willing to assist and teach. I'd like to see an effort for travel PCT.
I enjoy working there. I think that technicians are underpaid, but that is true of any dialysis company
Management is very involved and helpful and pay is very competitive. Vacation time is accrued every two weeks, and the patient population is pretty easy to work with
My experience with Fresenius Medical Care Corporation is as a Patient Care Technician. As a PCT I enjoy the hands on experience with what the company does for the patient and also the staff. It's a very open and welcoming company that strives to succeed, growth and also to provide quality care. The change I would like to see is more appreciation of the faculty such as the PCT. It seems that there is a lot of appreciation for RNs which is important but the PCTS are crucial to providing great patient care that Fresenius is known for.
I'm glad I chose to work for this company. Very positive environment. This company cares about their employees. The company makes sure you are trained before being on your own.
Fresenius has by far been one of my favorite companies to work for. They really show their appreciation for their staff and there is so much room for growth!
When I was a newbie; the older staff treated you like you was not worthy to work there. They will sabotage you like college sorority. Beware! If you are willing to stick with them it is very rewarding. Extremely hard on your body.
I have had much worse jobs. The tuition program is wonderful but you work long hours for what I consider minimal pay for the responsibility of the job.
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Leadership starts from the top. FRx is a fantasic organization with huge potential for growth. Growth in the company is stifled by a few in critical leadership roles. Transformational leadership and investment in employee development/training is needed across the pharmacy.
Great company, very patient orienated. The staff are knowledgeable and are willing to share their knowledge with others. If a employee is a nurse the growth opportunities are great
I like getting to know my patients and being able to put a smile on their face. I like that fact that my patients are just as happy to see me as I am happy to see them. One thing that I would like to see change is schedule wise. When there is change over it is very chaotic. It is as if there is not enough time to bleed the patients off, clean the machine then setup the machine for the next patient and have them on at their scheduled time.
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