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TERRIBLE company to work for. The company promoted me to a higher position but took months to change my hourly wage, even after they agreed on a specific date. If you need a consistent paycheck, Francesca's is not the place to work. On the other hand, it was a great experience working with customers and in the retail environment.
Overall my experience at Francescas was great due to the staff that I was blessed with. But other then that the pay was not good and employees were not treated as well from the higher ups. I definitely did love the store I was at though, the people you work with do make a huge difference in your experience.
The people who work at Francesca's are very warm and friendly, which makes me love my job even more. It is my first job and I couldn't have a better job.
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The employees at Francesca's are very willing to help their coworkers learn new skills and promotions arise very quickly for new employees. The workers in Francesca's are always very positive and speak words of encouragement to their fellow employees to not only reach sales goals but also have a great, productive day at work.
Francesca’s has been my favorite job that I have had to date. This company genuinely loves and cares for its employees. I love everything I do while I am at work. There are always opportunities to move up and be promoted within.
i have worked here for almost a year and i love it! my store manager is amazing and the company is very people oriented and values their employees.
I worked here in high school. I had an amazing manager and worked there until I graduated. From there I would work seasonally during the holiday season when I was home from college. I didn't know most of the sales associates at that point and management wasn't the same as when I was there. There wasn't as much of a team feel, but maybe that's because I only worked the holiday season
I love the relaxed atmosphere. I enjoy the product and always having something to do. I do believe, however, that the management positions should be more enforced. There should be more of a hierarchy.
The one thing I would definitely change though is taking returns from online. They hurt store numbers.
Francesca's has been very good to me. They let me work a occasional schedule (about a weekend every month) to stay in the company employee system and then gives me shifts when I am home during school breaks and between semesters. I appreciate the support they give me as a full time college student.
I've worked here many years. It provides good opportunity and a family culture. Great place to work.
Poor management and a lot of favoritism. If they properly trained managers things would work a lot smoother, just because someone is good at their job doesn't mean they should be promoted to a manager role. This is the biggest issue.
Perks- free food sometimes, half day fridays in summer, and free gym.
Working at Francesca's was a great experience! During my time there, I really got a new perspective on customer service and how customers should be treated when they shop. I also really enjoyed working my managers and co-workers, who were great. And of course, getting a discount on all the cute clothes, accessories, and gifts was nice too!
Working here is a fairly average retail job. The work environment is relatively enjoyable and the employee discount is nice. Management could use some work and more stable scheduling would be nice. It is hard to plan your week out when you get your schedule the night before. It's also difficult to switch shifts and I feel as if the employees should be compensated a little more based on the extent of customer service found at most locations.
I really loved working here because of the fun, easy environment to work in. The downfalls were that the store stays open till 9pm and the management. Guests are awesome as are the co workers.
I like the people that I work with. EMails do not always work and to lower your expectations because not everyone wants to give out their emails and its hard for the employees. Give more hours especially if the company wants the store to hire more people. Its unfair for the people that have been there for a long time
Fran's has a very positive uplifting environment with opportunity for growth and creativity! Very comfort and guest experience oriented while also offering support to the employees. Policy requires a positive in the workplace so if you're doing your best you can always expect to be treated well.
Does not allow me to demonstrate my skills and experience tot he best of my ability. I am scheduled two days a week at the most.
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They tell you all these promises but they never happen . They rather hire outside the company rather than internal
I love working at Francesca's. My work schedule works with my school schedule which is wonderful. They were always willing to work with my school schedule. The hours are good and opportunity for advancement. The discount employees receive is good. Francesca's is a unique boutique with nice clothes, accessories and unique gifts .
I delighted every guest every time. I greetes her very warm and genuinely.I created head to toe outfits. I would find out where she was going and tell her promotions to fit her needs. I would keep her hands free by taking her stuff to the fitting room or bringing all her items to the cash wrap.I would have to maintain my attention to the other guest. I would have to make a figure eight around the store to make sure no one was left out. When finish,I would ring her up.I would be fast fun and accurate as I go through each item. As we are finishing up I make sure each item is wraped and placed in the bag. Then I walk around and hand it to her and welcome her and who ever she is with to come back again soon. Then I make sure when theres down time, the clothes are placed nicely and foldes, shoes are straight, jewelry are untangled and the cash wrap is neat and cleaned.
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