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3 Westbrook Corporate Center Suite 200
Westchester, IL 60154
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As a current college student, Follett is a great place to work. They are very flexible with scheduling and understanding about balancing working while attending school. It's also very convenient, since they are located on the campus of the college I attend, so I can go to work for a few hours, head to class, then back to work if I need to. I've worked for Follett off and on for about 7 years and have confidence that my experience will open even more doors on along my career path. Although I wish the pay was higher and that I was eligible for benefits, I would certainly recommend Follett for students who need a job that is flexible with scheduling, not to mention you'll also save on gas!
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My overall experience was good. I enjoy working in the bookstore. The bookstore is a very friendly laid back environment. Our bookstore is located on a college campus in a very small area. The student population isn't as large as the other campuses. Also, it doesn't get as busy unless it is the beginning of the school semester or the end of the school semester. The hours are flexible. So, it is easy to manage my school work. I love working with my coworkers. The workplace is diverse. The manager is fair. The discounts on the books helps out a lot financially. Also, i do not get as many benefits because i was hired as an temporary employee.
For the most part, I have enjoyed working at a college bookstore for Follett. Management is very relaxed and encouraging, although you are still expected to work hard. However, it is a low-pressure environment compared to other retail jobs I've had. I appreciate that everyday I am doing something new. So in that sense their is room for growth and challenge. My biggest complaint is the pay. Regular raises aren't give (at least not to the little guys, can't speak on the managers' situation), and while pay is above minimum wage, it's still not very competitive.