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14881 Quorum Drive
Dallas, TX 75254
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Fogo is an excellent place to work. It's centered highly around team service, which plays a key role in the guests' having an incredibly memorable dining experience. The Tysons location is where I work and it is a close-knit well oiled machine. Fogo has found a way to bring authentic Southern Brazilian cuisine and culture all over the world and I'm glad I get to be a part of it. The only downside I've experienced is the cultural difference between the management team and myself. The style of management reminds me very much of the Korean culture so I'm used to it--but at the same time it's difficult at times to bounce back between American culture and Brazilian culture, especially in the work place.
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It is a wonderful concept. In motion the restaurant works fluidly as consolidation amongst the staff is great. Everyone does a great job of helping each other out.
It is unfortunate the pay, due to mainly a tip-pool sharing system, is rather unsatisfactory for a typical waiter addressing upscale dining of that sort. They feed their staff however, and that is a wonderful perk.
Eating at Fogo was fantastic best experience ever, you get to eat as much meat as you want for a single price. It’s a full experience of meats chicken, pork, beef and lamb along with it they offer a maket table salad over 40 different items that can be choose from I love everything from there.! The drinks are fabulous and they have a large variety of wine that go with the meat! I highly recommend this to everyone who is a meat eater!!! Keep it up team work!!!