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Kevin truly knows the meaning of GOOD customer service! A BIG thank you to Kevin for his excellent service. We are grateful after having such a hectic week
Pretty tough and very busy work, you DO NOT get breaks for any different lengths of shifts. You can work from 5:30 AM to 4:00 without a break, and you do not get free food, only half off. Since the prices are super high anyway, it really does feel like you are not getting half off anyway. The work is fairly entertaining albeit difficult.
I personally love working for First Watch. The work environment is pleasant, the food is awesome, and the guests are normally very engaging and polite.
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You first is a great concept. Serving customers by utilizing the 5-steps of service and upholding the 10 serving commandments that first watch is known for, is not for the weak server. There are these standards set in place to ensure great service, memorable experiences, and to make servers money. It's a great, fast-paced environment that will make you money. The managers are hands on and help everyone all day long.
If I could change anything, it would be the follow-up and follow-thru on disciplinary issues. Fair treatment throughout the employee staff is also something where first watch falls short.
The work schedule has great hours and is flexible. The money is great. Teamwork is a huge thing here
This was by far one of the best restaurants I've ever worked for. They revolve their entire business on teamwork, the restaurant does not run without it. The best part was making over 100 dollars on an average shift and walking out the door by 3pm. I think they do really well will training, teamwork, and being loyal to their employees. It can be stressful at times with how fast-paced it is but I can't really think of any cons of working here.
I love the environment. Most places I have worked, it's apparent that the people are just there for a pay check. But not with this company, the managers have a unique way of getting employees to take pride in their work and leave with their head held high. Hands down the best place I have ever worked.
I love how my small staff is like family, and how well we work together and communicate as a team. The food is amazing so it is so easy to sell what you love! Overall best restaurant company I have ever worked fore. Great management throughout the tiers.
I have worked for First Watch for 4 years, and I love it! It is an amazing serving job, with great hours and flexible scheduling. The work environment itself is different from most restaurants, it is a very safe, fair and kind workplace.
This is a great place to work. The staff is very friendly. The management team is very flexible in working with your school schedule.
First watch is a great restaurant to work at! I love the hours 7-2:30, the people, and the food! I've worked for this restaurant for 7 years and have loved every second.
For coffee lovers this is the place to be, you are greeted with a pot of fresh-brewed coffee! We serve breakfast and lunch, so you could also go for brunch! The food is honestly the best because you get good flavor combinations but at the same time it's on the healthy side. Another thing that I really enjoy would be the fact that we make some of our juices in the mornings, our eggs are cage-free, and we always have seasonal items for you to try. One thing that I would change would be for us to add soy milk, almond milk or coconut milk to the menu; a lot of customers that come are vegan, so they would like to enjoy a cup of fresh coffee with milk.
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