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About Fiesta Restaurant Group Inc....
14800 Landmark Boulevard, Suite 500
Dallas, TX 75254
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Fiesta Restaurant Group Inc. Reviews

2 reviews
My overall experience with Fiesta Restaurant Group has been a little challenging. The specific restaurant I'm at is short staffed and we are getting any reliable candidates to apply and help us. We make over $50,000 in sales weekly so it is safe to say we are very busy at times. One thing that is consistent are the guests. They always come back because we make delisious food that their taste pallets crave often and their loyalty is appreciated. I would like to see a change in the team as far a punctuality and customer service. It makes it hard for the rest of the team to crea balane between work and life because it feels like I'm always there covering for someone in a shift. Once we nail those two areas we'll be great and I'm sure our sales will sky rocket.
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I like the staff and management.. Great place to work.. Very close to home. Good hours but bad pay. Would love to move up in the company.