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4680 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010
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I love working here. I used to work at State Farm for 8 years and the quoting rules are strict. With Farmers' Insurance there is more flexibility. If Farmers' itself is unable to write a policy we can always write it through Bristol West (autos), Pacific Specialty, ForemostStar, brokers and as a last resort, California Fair Plan. The plus side we get comission out of those sales too! With other insurance carriers if a person has a bad driving record, or too many losses in a home they are unable to write it and lose comission on it but with Farmers' Insurance it's almost a guarantee that anyone can be insured.
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I like working for Farmers Insurance, I get to interact closely with clients and also build a relationship with them on a more personal level. I get to help clients and help them find an insurance policy that fits their needs. I've learned to be patient and understanding for all clients are different and have different needs.
Great place to work! I love the people and the systems in place to help me grow! I enjoy the challenges that help me to be a better person here. There’s no where else I would be but here. They take care of both their clients and their employees alike. Their underwriting process is amazing and claims department is equally good. Great company!