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12701 Whitewater Drive
Minnetonka, MN 55343
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I started working at Famous Dave's BBQ around 2012.

The people I work with are of many colors. They all have their own personalities that shine, they are kind, genuine, and most are around my age group (Mid High School to College aged). The veterans are mainly gathered in the Back Of House, where food prep, grilling, and dishwashing happen.

Most of the management team has changed (except for one lady manager who has now stepped down from General Manager to a Regular Manager) since the older days. I am more familiar with the current team, and they are kind folk, that will socialize with you and give time to create a good experience. The management has been wonderful to me. Real people.

Benefits include 401k retirement plans for full time employees, a 50% discount or free meal under $15 if you are working BOH, and training for other positions, if you are willing to take the extra step.

Affordable health insurance is something that I would like on the benefits.
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I like my job a lot. My co-workers and are friendly and the work environment is usually pleasant. Our work is fast paced and can be difficult at times. Team work is what really keeps us afloat. The cooks at my job get to eat most foods for free. One meal per shift. I appreciate that. On the flip side there are things that could be improved apron. One change that could be made is us having better communication skills. When cooking communication is key. Also we need to work on individual leadership and people always following the rules. These are the main things I’d say we could work on at Famous Dave’s.
I worked there for over a year and it was really good money for the hours I was working. I am a serving job, so you are not guaranteed 30 hours a week or more. But you can definitely make up to $300 to $400 on a busy weekend or during a holiday. My managers were very supportive and taught me different ways to upsell. They would also offer incentives to upsell new items on the menu, like a free lunch or $10 coupon. Over I had a good experience working there and my only issue with it was the hours as it was only part-time.